We had an amazing time – Food was great, Everything was organised, Staff was professional. Special thanks to Dom, May, Simon and Abby!! Dom was the one who introduced us to this perfect venue – He’s very nice and helpful, it only took us 1 hour to decide this is the place we wanna host our ceremony. May – oh my gosh, she is a real star (from her appearance to her personality) she was very patient to all my questions and stayed calm and organised to make sure my wedding went smooth. Nonetheless, she is a GREAT MC!! Simon – I’ve only met him on the day, but trusted him in a second. He is very thoughtful and pleasant to work with, what do you need to worry if you have him on the site! Abby – She’s like a big sister who takes such good care of the bride – always taking the blanket in case you felt cold, how sweet! So thank you everyone, and highly recommend this place!

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